ESCUELA de SURF, Dragon Tarifa


We surf at the beaches in Tarifa, Algeciras, El Palmar, La Linea, depending on the wave conditions.

Learn to surf in Tarifa with Dragon surf school.

 Beginner surf lessons

 Do you like the see and waves ? Would you like to   spend  your holidays surfing ? So Dragon surf school is the  right place for you.  Does not matter if you are adult or  kid - if you are keen to learn to surf, you will enjoy the  course and surf fast :-)
 Book beginner surf lesson here.
 Prices: 2h/50€, 3h/75€, 4h/100€, 10h Pack/225€


Advanced surf lessons, also for children.

 Advanced surf course

 If you had already some surf tuition, you know little bit  to surf, you would like to improove your tecnique or  learn something new, so this intermadiate course is for  you.

 Book the advanced surf course here.
 Prices: 2h/50€, 3h/75€, 4h/100€, 10h Pack/225€


Private surf lessons in Tarifa. For all levels of surfing.

 Private surf tuition

 The best and fastest way to learn to surf in Tarifa.  Teacher adapts him on your level, does not matter if you  are beginner or advanced surfer. You will learn what you  need: the basic of surf, how to stand up, how to paddle,  duck dive, catdch the waves etc. This surf course is  recommended also for small kids.
 Book private surf lesson here.
Prices: 2h/75eur

Included in surf prices:
>> all gear, surf board, leash and wetsuit
>> cover: 3rd liability insurance and basic accident insurance

What to bring:
>> something to drink
>> sun cream
>> sun glasses
>> towel
>> swimwear
>> good mood :-)


Clases de surf en Tarifa, cursos de kitesurf y paddle surf. Reservas Tel. +34 660 882 710  |